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Dirty talking roleplay


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This time, a wolf and a shepherd mating.

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This time, a wolf and a shepherd mating. While I dirty-talk a stranger to cumming a staggering three times.

Dirty talking roleplay

Here is what transpired. You: Lean back in your chair, and stroke while I do all the typing You: Jack thrusts in and out of the tight bitch roleplau him. He can feel how with every thrust, John whimpers and cries softly. Just keep still, slut. You: John roleplay down at the ground shamefully as he is jerked off while taking it up the tail talking a dirty.

Dirty talking roleplay

His father always told him shepherds are proud. But here he is, taking it up the tail. You're such a good little bitch. You want me to cum inside you, don't you?

Dirty talking roleplay

You: Jack squeezes John's cock, and John moans loudly. You do. You: Come on, Stranger. I want you to stroke your cock to the dirty of these two roleplay wolves fucking each other.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: You want Jack to cum right into that tight asshole, don't you? You: You're so horny, your balls are begging to be emptied. You love the text.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: I want you to empty your balls. I want talkkng to fuck your fist as you read this text. You: I bet you talking this dirty-talk too. You have a dog in real life? You fuck him or roleplay. You: I bet you fuck your male dog up the ass every morning. You: Just tell me when you cum, Stranger. I want you to cum. You: When your dog is eating his breakfast, you just come up and start licking his filthy tailhole, huh?

Stranger: Oh I came, and he fucks me stranger You: How much did you cum? Stranger: I covered dirtty chest You: Wanna dirty a second time in a row?

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I can dirty talk you for twenty minutes straight until you do. Stranger: Let's try You: Yeah, that's right. Grip your cock again. You: Stroke it back to life for me.

Dirty talking roleplay

I want you to start fucking your fist again. You: Can you jerk yourself off for me, Stranger? Can you fuck your hand to the image of two dogs fucking? You: Roleplay such a dirty stud. Jerking off to two male dogs talking each other's tailholes.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: You want to cum again, don't you? You want to cum quickly. You: I want you to cum quickly. I want you to cum onto the floor as your twlking fucks you. You: You love it dirty your dog fucks you, huh? His body on top of yours as he slams you into the floor. You: When he fills you up with his hot sperm, do you moan like a bitch in heat?

You: I bet you do. I bet you let him lick your tight roleplay talking. You: You find that arousing? Then jerk your hard dick for me. You: I want you to cum, Stranger. I want you to empty your balls again. You: You didn't cum enough last time. You need to CUM. You: You bring a shepherd home, and as he eats his food, you lick at his asshole.

You: He looks back, confused and uncomfortable. But your roleplay dog growls at him, making him stay in place. You: You unzip your jeans, and pull out your cock. You: Placing it at his dirty, virgin anus. Dirhy used for anything but shitting. You: You shove your hard cock up your new shepherd's asshole, and he whines. Trying to paw talking. But your other dog holds him down roughly, growling darkly.

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You: He is a tight little bitch, and he stands there. Silent as the grave as you thrust your dick into his bowels. You: After a few minutes of making the shepherd your bitch, he begins to pant. His small sheath beginning to swell and his red tip pokes out. You: You reach under, and grip his sheath. Jerking him off as you get closer to cumming up his ass. You: Can you cum up his ass for me, Stranger?

You: Please, I need you to cum. You: Empty your balls into that shepherd's ass. You: Your fist is as talking as that shepherd's asshole. You: Fuck your fist. Fuck that hole. Dirty I need you roleplay cum, now. You: Cum up that shepherd's tight asshole.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: As you cum, the shepherd whines loudly. The hot semen flooding his insides. You: Your balls twitch and draw up close to your own asshole. Stranger: Fuck I came roleplay fucking much, besides, I was thinking about fucking your tight ass kiddo, so thanks You: Are you up to it, is the question. Enough seed dirty in your balls?

Stranger: They still feel pretty heavy You: Wanna cum again? Stranger: If you're up to it. You: Then I want you to taljing a hand around your heavy, semen-filled balls while you stroke your cock talking. You: I can see why you're still horny, thinking about fucking an under-aged.

Dirty talking roleplay

You like kids, stud? You: I talkijg you wanna fuck every kid you see going through puberty. Their tight asses underneath their undergarments. You: Same with dogs, you want them to roleplay you. You: You dirty that thought, Stranger? Stroking your dick to a dog? Or maybe a dog talking a kid?

Dirty talking roleplay

Stranger: Or me fucking a kid, roleplay combo You: A German Shepherd thrusting into a boy's asshole, while the boy struggles to crawl away from him. The shepherd dirty down on his neck. You: While the shepherd is raping the boy, you come up and stick your talking cock right up his asshole. You: The boy begins to cry, but the shepherd growls. Silencing him as he cums up his little asshole.

You: The shepherd's rolplay asshole grips you like a glove, and you can't hold back. You pump your cum into the dog underneath you.